How to change ScriptCase to run under SSL

I am running scriptcase out of the box not using https (ssl). What are the steps to enable ssl for the scriptcase development environment?

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Here is a website link for you, this is a step by step instructions.

SSL is a Server<->client protocol. You don’t have to change anything on Scriptcase or your applications. Just enable SSL en your server, and then, your connection will be secure.

Not sure how to enable for the scriptcase apache. I already have it enabled on my primary apache server. Since scriptcase installs its own apache, not sure how to modify it to use SSL.


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I figured it out. Thank you.

Would you mind sharing what it is you did to get your SC deployment working with SSL?

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Hello rjkantor,

How did you solve the issue? I want to access my scriptcase development environment using ssl and don’t know how to proceed to achieve that. It is running under scriptcase’s own apache webserver.



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  1. Add your cert and key in the /opt/ssl directories:

  2. Open file /opt/NetMake/v9-php81/wwwroot/scriptcase/conf/apachesc9php81.conf

  3. Find the lines:
    Listen 8092

  4. Replace Listen 8092 with:
    Listen 443

  5. Add the following under Listen 443:
    SSLEngine on
    SSLCertificateFile “/etc/ssl/certs/YOURCERT.pem”
    SSLCertificateKeyFile “/etc/ssl/private/YOURKEY.key”

  6. Save file and Reboot

7: navigate to your ScriptCase site with https://yourscriptcase domain name

Glad I found this answer!

Another simpler solution is to use CloudFlare’s DNS proxy.

Just need to change the port to 80, just need to make sure the servername is correct.