How to check for null condition

new to SC and trying to use the SQL Builder. I want to check is a field is null ( where dt.column is null ) but the sql building forces the select of (=, > <, Like) resulting in a query of (where st.column = is null ) which does not work becasue the syntax is wrong. How do you do this in sql builder?

I think you must clicked in the TAB RUN and change manually the scripit to (st.column is null).

Yes, you can manually change that to the correct syntax:
somefield IS NULL
OR anotherfield IS NOT NULL

You can make changes like that in the SQL for any SC app too. I have done this often. Just look out because if you make a mistake and screw up the SQL, sometimes SC clears all the fields from the Edit and Search options. It is a pain to put these back. I often make a copy of a working app before I play with the SQL in any extensive manner, just in case.

Good luck,