How to close a modal calendar

I used a grid to link to a calendar. I set the target of the link to modal. How do I close the modal after I update the calendar form? I’ve tried sc_exit and sc_redir macros and the modal will not close. NM should add a button settings and other settings to calendar.


I tried that and it doesn’t work. In a calendar you have a form. I put that code in the onAfterUpdate event. I click on a record in the calendar which brings up the form and change something and click save and the calendar is still there. This calendar is a modal link from a grid based on the same table as the calendar/form. The forum post you referenced applies to a blank php in modal form but not the calendar. I really wish NM would just spruce up the calendar app a little!

update: I saw it flash real quick with the OK buttton upon closing the modal form that comes up when you click on a date in the calendar. So the events in the app only apply to the form. There is no way to define an event for the calendar itself.

I manage to solve ?, I have the same problem.

call simply your calender from a menu app,