How to create Exit or Back button on blank page, that redirect to previous page?

Hi all,

Have any of you tried to create an Exit button on blank page? I need the button to have the same function as SC default Exit button. It redirects to the previous page, whatever the previous is.
I tried sc_exit(), but it doesn’t seem to work on blank page.

The reason I need this back button on my blank page is, I have a grid which has Chart as its Initial module. The chart is linked to the grid. And from the grid, there’s a field that I linked to the blank page.
If I set the exit button on the blank page to sc_redir(chart_grid_name), then it will redirect to the initial module, right? The chart. But I need it to go back to the Grid module, not the chart.
Maybe anyone here has any idea to work around this?

Any help and discussion is much appreciated.


Change the blank page into a control application then it’s business as useual as you have a toolbar, or can create an icon with a link.

I need the blank application for my manual uploading page. The default Scriptcase uploading field doesn’t work for my PROD environment. I haven’t found any way to do this with control application. I use blank application since it seems it’s the simplest temporary solution for this. :frowning:

I think, you must have other parameter for link, so you in your blank application create a button with this link for redirect your form.

here you go

[SIZE=12px]//command at the very end of your code[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]echo [/SIZE][SIZE=12px]"<script>window.close();</script>"[/SIZE][SIZE=12px]; [/SIZE]


But probably will not work as you wish.the best is to set your link as target _blank

Cool, it formated my text … Well, was window.history.back on a onclick of an HTML “a” tag

In the Firefox working good. Why ?