How to creating a Three Column Layout?


I am quite new with Scriptcase and having some trouble creating a three column layout. Here is what I have in
my mind:

Left Column | Main Content | Right Column

I tried using Containers within container but since the Menu itself has an internal frame, I cannot
make it target a specific frame. For example, here is what I have in mind:

Horizontal Menu

Dynamic Vertical Menu | Content Area Container |

So, when the user clicks an item from either menu… it loads the application inside the Content Area container.

I am sure there is a way… what is the trick?

Having both menu’s access the same area cannot be done in a standard way. What you can do is to use the horizontal menu to start up container applications containing the vertical menu and the content area. To achieve that the vertical menu in it’s own iframe directs apps in your content area it requires that you intercept the onexecute event and then customize by adding some php using sc_redir macro. If you use target _parent then it will work.

I concur with Albert. I have done a lot of complex menu schemes in SC V6. It can get messy and confusing sometimes, but there is flexibility with the events in the menus as he stated.

That said, I ended up simplifying things greatly over the months. I have horizontal menus, with vertical menu called under certain conditions, but I ended up not trying to make the horizontal items drive their “content app” down into the iframe of the vertical. What I did was put system type stuff up there… in other words, things that a user might want to do occasionally, while putting all the commonly used items in the vertical menu.

I also have some instances where I put logic for starting up a GUI with menus and complex stuff, all in a blank type app. That blank app gets called instead of calling a menu directly, but sets various global variables and then calls a menu as it needs to. I actually have 4 different vertical menus that get called this way under different logical conditions.