How to deploy only the changes made in Locale messages

Hi, I am doing incremental deployment. I am wondering what and how to deploy the changes I have made in Locale messages alone? Thanks for your help.

I found it. Select Deploy with the common files(CSS, buttons, images, messages) and uncheck Deploy with the common libraries. This will create a Zip file. Now extract this in a local folder and then go to _lib\lang folder. Now select the respective language files e.g. en_us.lang.php and other language files you are using in your project and transfer to your FTP location.

In fact this is the standard approach, but you can just upload all the files. The _lib will not contain all the large stuff if you do a selective deploy.

Yeah the only risk is if I upload the _lib then target FTP will lose the other contents and only small portion of _lib will be placed. So I prefer to transfer the individual files from _lib folder