How to exclude field from inserting

I have a table where the ID type is [ID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL
How to prevent this filed from insert statement. In the form all fields are inserted/updated.

basically you need to write own stored procedures for anything non standard
by default we have no influence on the select and insert sc generated scripts
you do realise if you create a new record with less fields, all missing fields will be filled in by the database?
identity fields are generated by the database , usually. you can try field setting, filled by the database.

OK, I will try to write my own procedure

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i think SC should consider adding an extra page to the form

those fields should not be present in select/update scripts of the generated apps.

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I agree with you. That would be very helpful.

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and that is the question.
Is that stored procedure must be located on the sql server or on “scriptcase” side?

You dont need to use stored procedure.
Set this field as ‘managed by database’ in insert.
In this case SC excludes it from sql insert


That works. Thank you.