How to get a true functions include page?

Using the Internal Library feature, I have a large page of functions that I re-use throughout my project.
When I publish the pages, however, it appends ALL of the functions to the index.php page.
When I need to make a change to one of these functions, I have to republish all the pages.
This defeats the purpose of having an included functions page.
What am I doing wrong?

Maybe you can try creating a single separate internal library containing only the include/s to the actual page/s with all the functions.

That way this internal lib linked to, therefore embedded into, all apps will be very small and never change, i.e. no need to keep regenerating and republishing apps any time you change your functions.

If you try, please let me know if it works.

You can create a function in your form and copy your code of your library.
so you do not need include any library.

But if something in that function has to changeā€¦ then I have to change it in multiple locations.

Ok I tried that method and it does not work. It seems to totally ignore the require or include command.