how to get backup & restore (server motherboard burnt out) Urgent Help Needed

Hi Guys;

Our Server motherboard burnt out, we purchase new server, now I need to get backup from my old server hard drive and restore it on the new server,


Thanks in advance…

Regarding Scriptcase do a full xcopy of the scriptcase directory to your new server. Then request for a new licence key at in your personal account page. Restore your database. On every project you might need to set a new connection.

Thanks Mr. Albert;

I did as you mentioned, after xcopy its asking me the database, now my question, which database I should point out to the localhost mysql, I entered many databases of my project but still zero result its keep asking me the database.

please advice

thanks in advance

Just some ideas to try to help.

Can you see your projects - and is it asking this when you are trying to open one? If so, then it probably is trying to use the connection from your old server to the database there. Were those DBs all local to that server, or were they on another web host or something. The projects are normally set to use localhost for Dbs - though there may have been some other system or setup on your old server that connected it to the database machines (like an SSH tunnel, etc).

If it is not that, could it be the database that SC uses internally to track some things? I think that is a SQLLite or other type of file based DB, hence you normally have no DB stuff to setup when installing SC. Not like a MySQL database - much simpler. However, I am just wondering is you did that copy but some kind of path is changed on the new server hardware (drive or server name for instance), maybe it could be the SC system itself looking for its own internal DB? Just thinking out loud again, as I have never had this happen… yet.

If you ad the full backups created inside SC or all projects, that file should be able to be restored on any SC installation. The only thing lacking would be the DBs for the project apps. I do not reply on system level backups of SC projects - just for this reason. The SC backups should restore cleanly. If you ever made one of those, even if somewhat outdated, it could still be sitting in the folder where they are stored when processed originally - even if you didn’t download the zip. You might look for one of those, and try restoring on a test SC install, just to see if you can get even an old version of a project to load - then look at the DB connections there.

hang in there! When you figure out how to do the restore this way, please post back here how you did it - for future people to reference. Good luck!

Thanks Jamie;

let me tell you, the actual issue, we have windows server, installed xampp and sc 7.1 on sames machine, and that machine board burnt out and now we bought new server and installed centos 6.5 server, with web server installed sc 7.1 successfully, now from old windows server we have hd left which we can access to connect with any other machine like 2nd drive, but we had 2 new application and those are never took backup, now the issue, is that possible we can take backup from old hard drive.

Mr. Albert gave me good hint which works but after xcopy from old server hard drive to new server drive, I tried to access SC login screen now its asking me the new connection, but here is the main issue, which database I might point it in SC, no database is accepting in SC window. :frowning:

hope you understand the problem now…

XCopy from windows -> windows will work as we have restored several times by that. We use it as our main backup. But besides your sc projects which are in a sqlite database (and copied with xcopy) you have your main database storing the data of your applications. So you need to install MySQL or whatever database you where using. Then you have to do a full restore of your database. Xcopy might work I don’t know. But you have to restore your database too.

Best option is to install SC on a windows pc and try to restore. Then you can use wamp, xamp or whatever. Then export all your applications and import it into your centos environment. You most likely need to move your licence a few times, but you can do it yourself in your control panel at With some database tool like phpMyAdmin / MySQL workbench or a tool matching your database you can export/import your databases.

hope this helps.


First of all backup SC folder and its internal database. If you have a default instalation, it should be a .SQLite database under SC folder.

I recommend you to contact our support team as a trial user to proceed with the restore procedure.

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