How to implement 'Role' in SC?

I understand SC can use “Group” to control which app is accessible.
But the constraint in SC is each user can only hold ONE “Group”.

Is it possible for SC to grant user with multiple security groups?
I came from enterprise application, Peoplesoft ERP and i found it’s very useful to implement something like ‘Roles’ (similar to SC’s Group)

We have ‘Leave Admin’, ‘HR Admin’ roles and once user is granted with both Roles, they will be able to access ‘Leave’ and ‘HR’ pages (SC called application)
So, in our application, we can have 3 permutations with just two Roles

  • User A ==> ‘Leave Admin’ + ‘HR Admin’
  • User B ==> ‘Leave Admin’
  • User C ==> ‘HR Admin’

Where the way to do in SC’s group, we need to have multiple permutation of groups which is hard to maintain when the security group grow

  • User A ==> ‘Leave + HR Admin Group’
  • User B ==> ‘Leave Admin Group’
  • User C ==> ‘HR Admin Group’

Really hope SC can implement what i request or if there is a way to customize it.


Yes, Kevin made a patch which you can find here.

Thanks a lots and will try this out

Hi Aducom, do you have an example to implement security for groups and users at the same time?
Thanks in advande.

No I haven’t. Sorry.