How to make Image (Filename) field show image only and button to make it updateable

Hi All,

I have one field on my product table, named as imageLink. This store filename. I have been able to make the image shown. But, it also show the value of the field. While, I only want to show the image only. I manage to do it by setting the field data type to Image (filename) then change the CSS of the field to have font-size 6pt and color white. See my attachment, I highlight the imageLink value. How could I display the image only without the value?

Second question, I add a button (javascript button) and javascript method follow:

sc_field_readonly({imageLink}, off);

But, nothing is happened after clicking on the button. What I want to do is that the form display the image only and if user want to change or delete, he need to click on the button.

Last question, how can I add the button on the body of the form? not as toolbar?

Many thanks.



Anyone has idea?

You could look here, how it should work: