How to report a problem?

[SIZE=16px]How to report a problem?[/SIZE]

Firstly, we must consider that not always the errors are problems, but failures caused by some deficiency in the documentation, poorly designed interface or even by external factors such as libraries, database and etc. Therefore, it is always necessary to try to isolate the error to make sure that it is a problem or not.

Reproducing the problem: (Try to simulate the problem in a new project, so you do not have to send applications from your projects.)

  1. Create a new project, add the essential components to reproduce the problem, and verify that it has the same behavior;
  2. If the problem has been reproduced, create a new topic in the bugs area by reporting the problem by filling out the form information below *;
  3. Then send an e-mail, with the same subject of the topic, to just informing the forum link;

Note: For attachments, contact information and license, we suggest you send this information only by email. (For larger sized attachments, use a storage service like Google Drive and Dropbox, and provide the link.)

(*) Reporting the problem:

We kindly ask you to make sure you have sent us all the information in the form below, so that we can expedite the correction of the problem.

[B]============= CONTACT DETAILS =============
1 - First Name *:
2 - E-mail *:
3 - Telephone:
4 - Scriptcase License:

============= PROBLEM DATA =============
5 - Description of the problem *:

6 - Step by step problem *:[/B]

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step N:

Expected behavior:

7 - Attachments related to the problem *:
As problem images (Configuration, generated application and etc), diagnostic, browser, database, table structure and/or application export.


Thank you for your cooperation, please know that it’s users like you who help us improve ScriptCase.

John, this is not going to work because:

  • reproducting a situation on a new project is very time consuming
  • SC devs never respond to reported issues, so you can do all the hard work, but results are obsolete.
  • even movies are not enough, our reported security issues with movies are never heard of again. So why bother creating more?

What will work:

  • let issues be reported in a public bugtracker like mantis. By this way everybody can see which errors apply and what status it has. It will prevent double posts of issues.
  • by opening up your procedures you will generate more willingness to create time consuming projects/movies etc. simply because users can see that the issue is being picked up and worked about.

What you should prevent:

  • shifting version 9 to the market without a decent betatest.
    (In my experience: on each large versions switch there’s a history of showstoppers and other serious issues. The version will be virtual unusable the first months.)