How to save the pdf file to the disk of my local web server?

Hello everyone.

I have a pdfReport application in which I need to save the generated pdf to my local server. The problem is that I always get an error message that tells me that it is not possible to generate the file.

This is the line of code that I am using

sc_pdf_output ($ _ SERVER [“DOCUMENT_ROOT”]. “/ HPRM / FAR-2019 -”. [parm2]. “. pdf”, “F”);

What am I doing wrong? How should I correctly specify the server address? I am using a server for testing before posting to the production one.

I have already tried specifying the address as “”, but it does not work.

I will appreciate your help. I have to have this working tonight to present it tomorrow morning.

Thank you

Have you verified that the webserver has sufficient rights on the directory where the pdf must be put? (and temp dir where the temporary files are stored initially?) To verify the path you could use a sc_log to look more deeper into what is happening.