How to set a schema different than "public" for postgres DB?

Hi everyone

I am try to use a db connection to insert values via SC macros, because according with a tutorial, I need to use this macro “sc_commit_trans” to commit the changes and then be able to redirect to other page. My piece of code looks like this:

$esnArray = json_decode([esnArray]);

sc_begin_trans (“conn_oss”);

foreach($esnArray as $esnHex)
sc_exec_sql(“SELECT * FROM csctoss.ops_api_expire(’”.$esnHex."’)");


where I am execution a Postgres DB function, but when I run this code I receive the next error: “pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR: schema “csctoss” does not exist”. I guess that the error happens because I am not setting the schema on the connection and it isn’t recognized. Does someone knows how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.