How to show messages during a routine processing


I have an application type control with some fields and a button for processing a long routine.

I want to show messages on screen during the runtime. Like:

Processing customer 1…
Creating invoice 1010… OK
Creating invoice 1011… OK
Creating invoice 1012… OK
Creating invoice 1013… OK
Processing customer 2…
Creating invoice 1014… OK
Creating invoice 1015… OK

Is there some way to this?

I tried to put the log messages in a multiple lines text field and also in a label field. But all messages are showed in the same time at the end of the routine.

Any idea?


You don’t have a live connection from your browser to your database. If I need to do a thing like this I use a logtable and a form in a container. The container can be configured to refresh using a timer and then the app will get the logdata and present. Other option would be to create a timer in javascript and communicate with a server proces to retrieve the data and update, but above is the most easy way I guess. Could even be that a form has that refresh timer too, not sure about that.

I created a dashboard (container) with a grid showing the log table with a 1s refresh time.
When I clicked on “Ok” to process the routine, the refresh time stopped too and only show at the end. The same behavior as label or multiple lines text fields.

You need two sections in your container. One for the refresh and contains your status, and one for your application to be able to run. 1 s is too short, use i.e. 5 - 10 seconds. You need to create a control or form to display the status date from your log.

I did this. 2 frames, 1 with the application and the other one with the grid (from the log table).

Well if you set the frame with the log to a refresh of 5 secs then you should be able to follow progress of your application.

I don’t get this to work either.
While the processing in the first widget (link to blank application with the code) is busy, the other widget (link to the form showing the log table) is blank.
After the processing is done the form is shown and refreshed at the interval but the processing is then finished :slight_smile:

This thread is about 7 years old. Is there any update on this (showing process on screen while a processing is running)?

Another question related to this: when you make a form/grid to do this and on some points you do sc_redir, will the processing not start allover again in steaf off just showing the updated info?