How to upgrade SC

Hi all,

Because SC 8.1 will release soon, I would like to show you some tips to upgrade SC version.

SC is a big project and some updates comes with bugs, or features don’t working. A good tip to upgrade SC safe, because there isn’t step back, is:

When SC asks for update to a new version:

  1. NEVER update directly.
  2. Backup your projects.
  3. Stop SC service, and do a complete copy of Scriptcase folder inside wwwroot folder. app (generated projects) and tmp folders are not needed (1)(2).
  4. Once you have your SC folder safe, then update. Generate your project, and test if it’s working as expected.
  5. If something goes wrong (bug, or whatever), go to Crash. If all it’s ok, enjoy new version.

For multiple possibilities, after you upgrade SC, you can get unexpected results. Some bug appears and your project stops working as expected, and so on. If you followed above steps, you can “rollback”.

  1. Rename your scriptcase folder.
  2. Copy your previous SC installation again, inside wwwroot folder and rename to scriptcase or whatever name you used.
  3. Enjoy again your prior version of SC.

Notes to take into consideration

  • IMPORTANT You can’t restore a project from a generated/deployed project. SC projects definitions are stored in database as records, and what you use to deploy/test, are PHP generated, and this step is one way only. You can generate from the project inside SC, but you can’t get a project from the generated code. There are 1 way to restore a project, from a project export(3)

(1) App folder is where SC generates the code to test in dev. If you haven’t any code inside out of SC apps, then you can delete without problems. If you have some external libs/files, remember this is not backed up with your project and needs be copied manually. tmp folder is the folder used by SC to store backups to download, and generated JS to use inside projects. As his name, is a temporary folder, safe to be empty.
(2) BTW, is just needed to backup sqlite (or other if you use manual installation) database used by SC, but due to differents versions and so on, is faster a complete bacakup.
(3) Obviously If you keep safe main SC database, then inside is your project, and can be restored too (because you can restore a complete SC installation)

nice post Giu:

Thank you so much.


From someone experiencing their first version changes with SC.
I thank you also.

You said to “3. Stop SC service…”
I don’t see any service in my Windows 8.1 services list that are described as ScriptCase or NetMake. Could you explain how to find them?

Oh, I did find ApacheScriptCase8.

Hi Giuseppe
You are right. With a big project something could be wrong in a new release.
But i can’t run any application… It seems a bit exaggerated… I get the error below:

Fatal error: Call to a member function GetTag() on a non-object in C:\Program Files (x86)\NetMake\v8\wwwroot\scriptcase\devel\class\generator
mFontePHPForm.class.php on line 12921
do you have some suggest?

Change theme and try again

Nice Giu.
This post will remain sticked for newer users knows how to upgrade and succesfully roll-back in case of problems.

Giu, excellent advice and thoughtful: thank you. Unfortunately any new development done on 8.1 would be lost if you run into a bug that makes it not fit for production.

Don’t understand. I ser 8.1 very stable

Giu, i updated sc8.0.48 to sc8.1.2 using online upgrade from sc itself (i have made the backup as you advised)

now it is still running on php 5.4, what i can do to make it run on 5.6?

moreover, is 5.6 will add speed only? or new features as well? if new features as well, then how is current version 8.1.2 with php 5.4 will deal with those new feature right now?

8.1 PHP54 and PHP56 is the same AFAIK. You get PHP 5.6 performance improvements.

To upgrade to PHP 5.6 you have to install a new apache with php56 (SC automatic installer is ready for this, if you don’t want to install Apache + PHP and so on)
Once SC is installed, you can export from your SC 8.1 PHP54 and import into SC 8.1 PHP56, but you can’t live with both at the same time with the same license (well, if you stay logged on SC 8.1 PHP54 I think you can) . You have to export, request new installation license in your Serials SC profile, and use new serial to activate you SC PHP56

MikeDE, the performance of PHP 5.6 worth it every trouble you will pass to configure the new enviorment. Belive me.

Totally agree

I assume that if you use SC 8.1 with PHP 5.6 to generate apps, then the production environment you deploy to must also be running PHP 5.6?

well, i am excited to try it too, now i have the 8.1 with 5.4, how i can just get the php 5.6 and keep my recently updated 8.1 i mean the easiest way… can i run the installer and override my sc installation?

i’ve been asking this for the last week, nobody gave me useful info yet :slight_smile:

Read my latest post. If you are under windows, easiest way is use PHP5.6 SC8.1 installer, and import your projects.

i’ve been asking this for the last week, nobody gave me useful info yet :slight_smile:

I didn’t tried because I’m migrating my deploys to php 5.6, but I assume production is PHP5.4+

thanks Giu, i read your last post
now i have my main scriptcase upgraded to 8.1 ok but still on php 5.4
if i go new isntallation, i will need to import a lot of things, i have 10k of icons and images and many test projects all in my 8.1 now… also i have themes, html templates and a lot of stuff which i don’t want to start over and waste time
need is to upgrade the php only to 5.6 so i get the performance improvement, any idea will be appreciated, i think if try the installer and override the current version will do? but not sure, anybody tried sometimes else?

We could use some new parameters of 5.6 and stuff, but we kept our code according to 5.4.

This means that the production enviorment doesnt need to be 5.6, but, the same performance gain will apply to the production enviorment, if it uses PHP 5.6.
In most cases deployed apps will run smoother with 5.6 enviorment then 5.4.

Cavadinha, can u advise how to upgrade to 5.6 and keep the 8.1 intact… please see my previous reply and advise