HTLM Image dynamic

I want to display a picture of a student on a form. Is it possible to change the picture when I go to the next student? The photos are not in a database.
Sorry for my english, I’m french! Thank you google!

Merci !

AFAIK yes. It depends on the way you have identified the picture; but in general: create a custom field of type image. IN the onload event you can apply the correct link of the image.

Thank you.
I created custom field (type HTML image). In the onload event I have this: {aff_photo} = “grp__NM__student_1.jpg”;
But it does not work!



Hello coolhandluke,

We are doing this by storing the images in database. (our employees pictures associated with employee records) Our employee table contains a column of emp_id (unique to each employee). The pictures table also has column emp_id for association with the employee. When calling up the picture, just link or sql where emp_id = ‘{emp_id}’.
Works great.