HTML Editor Template not showing icons when running form in production or on server

Hi all! I’m running SC - 9.9.024(10), WAMP 3.2.3, MySql 5.7.31, PHP 7.3.21 Apache 2.4.46.
When I go into a form field that is set to HTML Editor it would appear that no matter what template I try to use (SC or user created) not all of the icons that are selected for that template is showing when you run the application. It happens both in my production environment and on my server. This appears to be a recent issue but not sure how long this has been happening. Anyone else having this problem? See attachment for visual of what I mean.

** Update** It apparently is only happening on forms that were created prior to the last update. Any new forms created today are working fine. Tried clearing cache, history, etc, and am running an update of prod environment to see if that helps. So far nope.