HTML Template integrate in SC Project

I bought a html template in themeforest (Rockefeller template) and i have any problems in integration in my sc project 7.006. Any howto? Thanks!

You want to integrate a wordpress template into SC? That’s quite a challenge. The pages are bound by the theme which you can edit. The pages (header and footer) can be templated and you have free templates. But to convert a wordpress theme into a usable SC theme is not an easy task and requires a lot of work afaik.

Hi Albert!
Excuse me but i have a html template no wordpress template. :wink:

The website put me on the wrong leg? But still, you have to breakup your template in the chuncks SC is working with. I’m not sure if SC is able to answer your question and I haven’t done similar things. I did play around with templates, but only from within SC itself.

Ok, thanks!
I’ve modified the file main “application menu”, adding the necessary CSS and JS for the template, I moved the JS menu to replace the menu template, I increased the padding-top attribute of the iframe to separate the header
Thus, I have managed to integrate the header and footer in the project, but if I update the file menu in the ScriptCase, I re-edit it to add these areas and relocate the menu.

Attached a ZIP file with my application menu. (33.7 KB)