HTML Template to PDF

I haven’t done anything with PDF reports yet … would like to have an invoice in PDF format and deliver that via email … for now I am using an html template. Is there some way to just send that to PDF?

I have never used PDF reports app…but I have several different lists, letters and reports created by using a blank app, and directly using the TCPDF library.

This currently has a few downsides… the main one being that TCPDF has new versions, and as far as I understand, the one being used by Scriptcase has long outdated documentation.

If you’re willing to try it, these two links can be used as examples / guide / documentation for it…


Mind you, they are NOT scriptcase related.

There are probably far better ways to do this than the one I implemented several years ago using some tutorial I found, but later lost, but there is quite an informative guide in portuguese here:


If you don’t understand portuguese, just have a look at what he types and the code he’s using (there are links in the description to some extra helpful files), and you’ll get the hang of it…

What I’ve discovered … but haven’t been able to make work yet … is that it is a permissions problem. Need to use sc_pdf_usr & sc_pdf_pw to authenticate … but I don’t know what those values should be. I’ve tried everything that I can think of.

What do you need those for? Honestly, I didn’t even know their existence… I don’t use them for my purpose, and I have user authentication working perfectly

Thing is, remember that I’m not using “PDF export”… i’m using a custom blank and a calling button on a grid or menu if I need it… in most cases, I’m calling the PDF directly via sc_redir