HTTP 500 server error


I have a blank application with some codes written, when I run the application directly in scriptcase using “Run application” button, it works fine so I dont think is the coding issue.

When i deployed to the web server and run the application, I received HTTP 500 server error.

I have a number of applications deployed to the server, some are working whereas some has this HTTP500 error.

Appreciate if anyone able to advice on this?


What does the error log say?

Could you paste there your code in the blank app?

check that the folder attributes are all 755
and attributes of files in 644 folders
it can just come from there

If your production server still contains libraries of 9.3, then you will miss some of the newly introduced 3rd parties on the 9.4, causing your application to result to error 500. I experienced this and the solution for me was re-upload your blank application, and make sure you upload with library and CSS checked.

The ones that are working are the old ones you did not touched yet or regenerated. The ones that are NOT working are probably the ones you have recently generated and deployed after you upgraded to 9.4

It was indicated on the 9.4.000 changelog that you must update the production environment. :slight_smile:

I am having same issue…
so I am just asking if you are managed to solve it…