I am looking for a ScriptCase developer for a long term professional relationship


I am looking for a ScriptCase developer for collaboration in business application development.
It would be a long term relationship in which we would meet several milestones.

Thank you!

Hi carzuaga, I am interested. Working with SC since 2015 and programming over the las 30 years.
I developed more than 100 apps in SC (ERP, POS, Restaurants, Delivery with Google maps, etc.)
I speak English and spanish.
Regards. Willy

I am a scriptcase developer having 7 years of experience.
My email ID: abhishek@rndindia.com
whatsapp no: +91-9999595665

Hi My name is Miguel and I am sc developer for many years. You can contact me at miguel@kleiner.com. I will glad to help you

Best regards


Hello there…
I have several years of experience in SC. I use it regularly to generate extensions for my Clarion systems, to run on the web. (In Clarion, my experience is 20 years, and developing systems, 30 years)
I use it with MS SQL Server.
I have a few hours a week to dedicate to another project.
I am from Firmat, Santa Fe, Argentina. I prefer to communicate in Spanish.
Anything, you can send me an email to asantarelli@sdigitales.com.ar
Thank you

estoy interesado en trabajar con scriptcase yo trabajo hace 3 años.
buscar :Elfide.com
Gorritos CR
mi correo es fidel.torres.ipanaque@gmail.com
whatsap: 51-980680143

Hi, I’m Lim Tjie Siong from Jakarta, Indonesia.
I’m using SC since 2017. I’m used to develop in PHP since 2010.
Lately, I use SC with PostgreSQL. Before using SC, I used PHP with IBM DB/2.
Now, I’m using SC for develop web apps. For other platform, I ever used Xamarin and Flutter for mobile apps. In current project, I’m also using C# for developing middleware with RFID Reader, and using SC for the API & Web Apps and also Xamarin for RFID handheld device.

You can contact me on myslts@gmail.com.
Thank you

Hi i am Abhishek having more than 9 Years of experience in Scriptcase. Developed many Enterprise level Software applications on scriptcase.
my email: abhishek@rndindia.com Contact No: +91-9999595665