I have problems with the image filename field in a pdf application

In the local environment everything works fine, but when I upload the applications to the server, the problem occurs.

I am working with a pdf application with the file image field, I get a 500 error and it does not show me anything.

I did several tests placing the path …/_lib/file/img/archivo.jpg and I no longer get the 500 error, it shows me the pdf file but without the image.

Who can help me?
Thank you

Have you tried an absolute path to your image?


Thanks for answering.

I had already done it with the absolute path and it didn’t work for me, I tried again to see if I had made a mistake in something and nothing works.
The strange thing is that in production it works for me, but when I upload it to hosting it doesn’t work.

Have you tried with http and https?

Try to supply it as an html object, use a text field and set it like an html image

<img src="…/_lib/file/img/archivo.jpg" height="120" width="160" style="object-fit: contain" />