iFraming a 3rd party form

I have an api from another one of our our applications on our server. I need to display result it in my app.
What I have done is create a Form app.
I then put the below in the event OnLoad

<!DOCTYPE html>

<iframe src=“https://XXXXXXXXXX/Upload/uploadApi?Profile_ID=XXXXX_1” width=“200” height=“200”></iframe>


But I keep on getting an error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<’ in /opt/NetMake/v71/wwwroot/scriptcase/app/…

Please can someone help

You cannot put raw html into events. It always needs to be echo’d or the php needs to be broken by ?> then your html code and start phpt again <php

Albert - Thanks. Excuse ignorance but can you give me an example using what i shared PLEASE

In general, if you want to put html elements in your output from an event then you need to write the html from your php in your event. So like:

echo ‘<iframe src=“https://XXXXXXXXXX/Upload/uploadApi?Profile_ID=XXXXX_1” width=“200” height=“200”></iframe>’;

Or, as Albert also suggested, you can stop and start the PHP session and insert the HTML without using echo:

?>       // Stops PHP processing

<iframe src="https://XXXXXXXXXX/Upload/uploadApi?Profile_ID=XXXXX_1" width="200" height="200"></iframe>

<?php     // Restarts PHP processing

Thank you so much.
One last question:
If I had a form app, and wanted to display the iframe in a specific location on the forms page. Hypothetically the right hand side of the page so I could show other data fields on the left.

Again thanks for your help here