Image indicators

Hello everyone!

I need to set an indicator like a traffic light based on the data that I’m getting from my db.
Red when a condition is true, yellow with another condition and green.
I need to put a certain image when this happen but I don’t know how to set it or which field I can use to do this.

Also I need to change the style on certain labels also based on the information brought from the db, I know how to do this in a grid but not in a form.

Thanks in advance for reading and your help.

Ad1: you can use a simple label field and apply a link to an image by putting the html into it.
Ad2: the following link might be helpful of modifying properties of fields in a form:

Thanks for your answer!

In the first case, I need it in the same form because based on the indicator my final user knows whether the information that is going to be edited or not.

In the second case, I haven’t tried it, I’ll let you know if I succeeded with that.