Image not appearing in PDF Report

I’m trying to put an alternative image on the second page of my PDF Report, but it is continually blank. My file path is correct, am I missing something in the code?

$imagepath = '/opt/web/AdminTest-93/_lib/img/grp__NM__img__NM__PDF_Invoice2ndpage.jpg';
$pdf->Image($imagepath, 10, 10, 185, 210, 'JPG', '', '', false, 300, '', false, false, 0);

My SandBox environment is on a different server than SC itself, so I assume that when I run this in SC I expect to get nothing as it cannot access the file on the different server. However, when I deploy the app into my SandBox environment, it also produces a blank page. My file path is correct and the image is there, I don’t understand why it isn’t printing the image on the second page.

Does anyone have tips or tricks in dealing with this?

I am able to get the image to print when I run in the SC environment if I change the file path to the location on that server. But, this won’t appear in the SandBox, as it is a different server and doesn’t have access to the same file. I assume my issue is with the file path, but I’m not sure what it is exactly.

try this

Maybe this can help you !