Image URl in field only displayed on first record

I have a field with the url of an image. The field in the DB is VARCHR and the data type "Image (file name) in SC8.

When I run the form the image is only displayed on record 1.
When i click “next” the record the image is not displayed, only the url.
I then click back to record 1 the image is not displayed
All the text and data fields are displayed correctly

I have used single record to setup the form
The images are upload by a Word press application and stored in
The SC image folder is /scriptcase/file/img
do i need to change configuration

Appreciate your help
Regards Henry

I would inspect the link of the Image when it works and then again on the pages where it doesnt.
See whats going on.
You may have to Hard code the path as a session variable so that it remains constant.

Thank you for your help

The image links in the field are valid and display in a browsers.
Formidable Forms directory changes the last digit. in the above example ‘4’.


Hmm… try placing the files in a folder that is NOT just a number… see if that is the issue.


Nope that did not work.
The app does read the first record correctly, but the “next” and “previous” does not.

Uploading files with formidable forms does someone different than SC

Appreciate any further help

You are going to have to figure out how/why the numbered folders are changing, and dynamically alter that link Path so it gets the right one.

Hi, The placement of the images are controlled by the form developed using Formidable forms.

The url in the fields correct - http://localhost/safairmontgt/wp-content/uploads/formidable/4/facebook_1664595930112_6981821368056320399.jpg

is there a way to enable to trace the code as in SC


I have had no progress on this problem.
Appreciate help