In the last version can you export you project?

In the last version can you export you project?

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in my case with SC 9.10.006 with PHP 8.1. I cannot export any project. It does the 100% of job, but when I click on donwload, it shows 404 error page. On previous SC versions I had no problem


Dear @jetesa,

Please, if possible, confirm to us whether the problem occurs in the latest version of Scriptcase (9.10.009(13)).

We are waiting for your return, as here in the most recent version, the problem you reported does not occur.

Best regards!

Si, es la misma version: 9.10.009(13)

hi @Danilo_Lima,
It has been happening since the last two updates and continues in this version (9.10.009(13))., it has not been resolved.

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hi @Danilo_Lima, We are still waiting for the version to be able to export projects, this still does not work.

Dear @edifact and @jetesa,

Have you tried contacting the Scriptcase support team, via chat or

As I mentioned previously, we were unable to identify this problem in the most recent version of Scriptcase, and from what was reported by each of you, these are different problems that occur at the end of the export.

We suggest that you contact the tool’s support through the means I mentioned at the beginning of this topic, as the team will be able to provide more detailed support and with the possibility of remote access if applicable.

Best regards!

in version 9.10.009 (13) - (windows package downloaded from scriptcase) just try to export a project and then reimport it and tell us if it works. Regards

It has not been resolved, my environment is MAC.

The backup of my projects that are within version 9.10.009(13) could not be made.

Therefore I must wait for a new update, so that I can write something to replace or correct this incorrect version.

Julio Colman (Scriptcase), connected with me since February 6 and after carrying out many tests in my own environment he concluded that it was a version error.

He himself indicated that this would be passed on to the scriptcase development area and that a version would be released.

Since then it is impossible to export projects, in any way, I have at least 2 large projects.

I have only exported at the object level, I don’t know if that will save me from losing something.

I’m still intrigued and waiting for a new version to replace this problem.

Dear @danpadro,

When carrying out tests in a Windows environment using the most recent version of Scriptcase, it was possible to export and import the same project without problems. Likewise, backup with all projects in the environment.

Dear @edifact, we also carried out tests in a Mac environment to reproduce the reported problem, but it was not identified during export/import, as well as backup/restore.

Please ask support to report this problem that was identified, as well as the details to reproduce, so that we can analyze and pass it on to the development team.

Best regards!