Insert data into table

Hello good people

So I created a button, run button, assigned PHP to the button, on a grid and I want to be able to insert the selected fields in a specified table, any specific way on how to do this?,


The way I start doing this is by using a BLANK application. The BLANK application when open will show you a pane at the right which will have three tabs for Examples, Macroes and Code Snippets. Select Examples. Notice the examples listed. The ‘database’ section will have code that you can insert into the BLANK application. You can copy this code to the place where yo!u want it. In your case the Button.

One thing to note is that you can actually then use the same code to update multiple tables if need be.

I hope this helps you. Good luck :grinning:

assigned the button to run and not php…

follow the online example and change del into INSERT TO