Inserting records in Russian language into SQL Server database

I am updating the post below with a solution I found but I need from Scriptcase to tell me if it is possible to make a change in the way that queries are sent to SQL Server.

What I mean is that if I write [SIZE=24px]N’ [/SIZE]in front of all fields that are text type the insert / update is performed correctly.

So instead of:

(pdo-sqlsrv): INSERT INTO dbo.cities (city) VALUES ([SIZE=20px]‘пкцфя[/SIZE]’)

if ScriptCase would write :

(pdo-sqlsrv): INSERT INTO dbo.cities (city) VALUES ([SIZE=20px]N’пкцфя’[/SIZE]) it will be OK.

Also there is a need to change the search method.

Is it possible to make that changes? Thank you,

Dear All,

I am trying to insert records in Russian language into a SQL Server 2012 database.

I have tried SC charsets : Cyrillic ISO-8859-5, Cyrillic - CP1251, Western ISO-8859-1, Western ISO-8859-15 but with NO LUCK so far.
I am able to insert data in Russian language in my SQL Server database with other software, so my database is OK.

Could any of you tell me if you have done such projects with inserting / updating / searching records in Russian language?

Thank you very much,

Is it possible that ScriptCase to use [SIZE=22px]N’ [/SIZE]to construct the queries?
Example: INSERT INTO dbo.cities (city) VALUES ([SIZE=20px]N’пкцфя’[/SIZE]) OR
UPDATE dbo.cities SET city = [SIZE=20px]N’[/SIZE][SIZE=20px]город’[/SIZE] WHERE id = 1

Thank you,


This problem has been reported to our development team.

Hola Hay alguna novedad el respecto ? Tengo el mismo problema

Sorry, Any news about it. I have the same problem using 9.4.015