Install prod environnement... documentation?


I am looking in the documentation, the walkthrough to install a production environment in Windows Server 2016.

I had thought of installing XAMPP and after?
Is there nothing in the documentation for this?


In Windows Server you can use IIS + PHP estension from M$

Sorry, I prefer use Apache.

Ok. In this case xampp ( ) or uniform server ( ) are both a valid choice.

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Hello Gbravi,

And after XAMPP ? IonCube / Zend Guard Loader / Zend Optimizer - Windows ?

here ?

And after that everything is ok?


you don’t need for production. only for development.
pay attention to enable php modules you need and the connection depending on database (mysql, sql server, etc… )
deploy the project in full mode, install and run

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Oh ! Thank you very much.