Invalid data after version 9.9.015

My scriptcase version is 9.9.024 and it works fine on development. But in production it shows error “Invalid data” when i try to go from grid to add/edit form. The problem starts when i update to 9.9.015 with new libraries. Please help.

I’m thinking of reverting back to 9.9.014 version because there are too many bugs after 9.9.015. And how to revert the version back to 9.9.014? Is it by copy pasting files in (Scriptcase Older Releases | PHP code generator | Forms and Reports Builder) ?
Many thanks before

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After reverting back to 9.9.014 I got this error every time i want to delete item in single row form.

Maybe in security, must set to ON

Already set to ON, but the error still persists

Invalid data is a message about security, but if can also search into …/_lib/_app_data the file <my_app>.php, remove it and upload the application again.