Invalid data message when using "allow to call URL directly browser"

when choosing :

Security > Enable direct call by URL : NO, then grid crashes if set to auto refresh

grid crashes if set to auto refresh

choosing yes back again it works

what is this feature means anyway! i thought it will add security by not allowing people to access the application unless clicked from the menu!!! it doesn’t work ok apparently… and took me 3 days of trying to figure out this message comes from :smiley:

I think you’re right and this is a bug. The intention is that you can only run the application from another application, not just from the menu. It prevents that you can call the module directly from an url and solves a few security issues that way. I think that they have overlooked the autorefresh option.

2019 and still a major bug! Just wasted 2hrs on this before I found this post (on my 4th google about the error). Scriptcase should pay us to use their software.