Is it possible to force a uniform size to all fields?

Is there an easy way to make all fields in a form same width?

SC sizes each field according to the largest item to be displayed which makes it vary. Please see enclosed pic of what I mean and what’s desired.

Changing Display Settings => CSS of the Field => Width has no effect. Also its preferrable if there is a way to set all at once, not one by one.

Hello scriptcaser.

You have to check 100% inputs in form configuration.

Do you mean I have to go to each field? What exactly do I need to change? As I said, CSS Field Width doesn’t work.

In form configuration there is a option to set 100% inputs for all fields.

I have Scriptcase in Spanish. Is “Inputs con 100% de anchura” in the image.

Ah, ok: I’m on SC8 still so I don’t have it. When I migrate then.

Many thanks