Is it possible to open a capture link?

I have a form A and field B has a capture link to Grid C.

Is it possible to auto open Grid C after entering some value in field B (and pass the value in field B to Grid C)?

I tried sc_redir but didn’t work (could not choose value from Grid C).

This might be late but I really don’t know what the "Capture Link is used for do you?.
Usually I just link to a grid using an aplication type link and works fine.
When I use sc_redir() I use a button to do the sc_redir works fine.
Not sure what you are intending to do.

I like to get a value from grid C and pass back to form A in field B.

Hi. Old post … but still acurate. I have found that the capture link allows to retrieve an id for example from a grid to assign it to a field in an advanced search window only ??? I don’t get it. I have a field which is “client_country_id” and I’d like to have the magnifier beside the field to serch for the country in a grid. How can I achieve this? Thx