Is there any plan in place for next Scriptcase 6.X release?

I would like to see what’s the plan of changes for the new release (if any) in the coming year 2013.
first of all, will you launch a new release next year?
Do you have any list of changes/new functionalities/bugs what will be included there?


There will be a lot of improvement. The next version will develop mobile-friendly applications, replace Flash charts with HTML5, and much more. But there is no official info yet, it will be released in 2013 but NetMake haven’t announced release date or features list yet.

Found this on the brazilian forum.

Will there be mobile friendly grids and forms? according to the brochure/link , there will be menu list view, nothing is mentioned about forms/grids.

If I logon to SC then I get a message from SC regarding this and a link to:

ohh great it a good news for all user…

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But there is no official info yet

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