Is there any way to adjust time interval dynamically?

For the calendar, is there anyway to adjust the time interval of calendar?
Also Max/Min time?

//Schedule events in 30 minute increments
if ( {start_time} != ‘’) {
{end_time} = date(‘H:i’,strtotime(’+30 minutes’,strtotime({start_time})));

BUT … if you drag / drop an event it reverts to the 2 hour window that SC has set somewhere. Editing the form (just open and save) resets it to 30 minutes. Haven’t figured that out yet.

Thank you for your response bhardin :heart_eyes:

10, 15, 20, 30 minutes are the choices in design-time. But there is no macro or etc for adjusting pre-configured setting.

Also there is a problem on day-view and weekview about limiting working hours. When you define a start and finish hour for day-view, calendar doesn’t show the appointments recorded. Even that day -view and week-view doesn’t work correctly show nothing!

So I will use some other scheduler maybe. I’m searching!

It does have bugs. I would be interested in knowing your alternate solution. Thank you

look at my text in the past a need days from week but no week-end
and time by 15 minutes from 8 to 16 hr
days and time as we want to use.txt (3.7 KB)
sorry i can’t document my code in this editor

Thanks for the codes.
I’ll inspect them.

Also if I find a good alternative solution to Calendar I’ll share with you.