It doesn't delete the uploaded files when using the sc macro sc_api_upload (dropBox)

Hi, i am using the the sc macro sc_api_upload in order to upload - delete some of my files.
The uploading part with the sc macro sc_api_upload works correctly, my files are uploading into my dropBox account. But when i delete one record i am getting this message
Document1.xlsx: File don't exist!string(0).

The thing is that in my database the record is being deleted but in the dropBox is not…
Also in the {file} field, i have checked the opotion: Files Deletion Removes the files in the directory.
and i have also placed my sc_api_upload code on the event onAfterDelete in order to to delete my file in the dropBox

Can anyone help me? Thank you

Hi @Karpodinis_Software. Just for curiosity: Have you tried to put the sc_api_upload macro in the onBeforeDelete event?

yes i have, then the error Document1.xlsx: File don't exist!string(0) is not appearing… but the document is still not being deleted from the dropbox.

Also scriptcase is saying to use the sc macro sc_api_upload in forms into the Event onValidate which i have tried it many times in order to just upload a single file and i was getting the error: Document1.xlsx: File don't exist!string(0) .

Then i tried to the sc_api_upload (in order to upload a file into dropbox) into the event onAfterInsert and it worked perfectly…and i am wondering why the manual is saying to use it on the event onValidate ??
Anyway the upload part is not the problem the delete part is my issue…

I never used this macro, but it seems it is a bug when trying to delete a file. The code inserted in onBeforeDelete is working as it should.

You use the sc macro sc_api_upload in the event onBeforeDelete and it worked ?? The file in the dropbox it has been deleted ?

No, as I said, I never used this macro. I’m based on your results.