Javascript Button - How to select all options in a multiple select input

Hello everyone!

My name is Roberto and I came around cause my boss did buy online support for scriptCase v7 and we got a license for v6 :stuck_out_tongue:

If this is not the best place to post these sort of questions, please admins don’ blame on a noob and move it accordingly.

Anyways, here we go:

I made a “select all” kind of javascript button inside a form just to select all the options inside a multiple select input referred as “v_patente” in SC

Basically, the code goes just like this:

var selectBox = document.getElementById('id_sc_field_v_patente');
var aux_count;
for (aux_count = 0; aux_count < selectBox.options.length; aux_count++) 
	document.getElementById('id_sc_field_v_patente').options[aux_count].selected = true; 

return true;

I know that code is jerky somehow… but I just wanted to be sure that javascript is not throwing errors at all…

my aux_count variable is working

but if i try something just like this :


I got nothing…

If I try to pull that off directly from the console it just works… however SC doesn’t want it to happen… and that’s why I’m here :frowning:

I could also notice that in HTML after my new javascript button is called by onclick event, SC adds a “return false;” statement…

it looks like this:

<span id="sc_seleccionar_todo_bot" class="scButton_default" onmouseup="if(this.disabled){ return false; }else{'pointer'; this.className = 'scButton_onmouseover'; }" onmousedown="if(this.disabled){ return false; }else{'pointer'; this.className = 'scButton_onmousedown'; }" onmouseout="if(this.disabled){ return false; }else{''; this.className = main_style; }" onmouseover="if(this.disabled){ return false; }else{ main_style ='pointer'; this.className = 'scButton_onmouseover'; }" style="vertical-align: middle; display:inline-block;" title="Haga clic en este bot?n para seleccionar todas las patentes" onclick="[B]sc_btn_seleccionar_todo(); return false;[/B]">

Any help would be really appreciated.


EDIT: Additional info:

Select element is previously fullfiled by an SQL query

Then I thought that sc_getfield() method could be helpful because I’m working on a control.

But now I got a message error saying it’s not defined. This already happens even if I use other methods such as


I got the same error… Do I have to load something else previously ? attach this thing to some other event such as on app init or something like that?

ayudaaaaaaaaaa csm!!!

Ok, got a proper answer for this one…

What was wrong in my case: JS was using square brackets [] for it’s syntax and SC already use those for it’s own purposes…

So, the workaround came in the form of jQuery just like this:

$.each($("#id_sc_field_v_patente>option"), function(){

As it was solved by Mr. Cristian Bravo… ! :smiley: