JS stopped working, why?

I have a query with many pages toit, displaying like tabs.
I put in JS that would change the content of the tab,depending on conditions, such as the quantity of data to be displayed with that tab. I also would add a numeric value to the tab so the user could see how much data there was. For example, if here were were 3 items in the color list, the tab would display as
This worked until very recently and only now see it no longer does,
I restored some old versions and they also do no longer work.
I am wondering if there has been a change by SC that did this
I also notice in the macro suggestion box, it shows JS not avail for On Load, never noticed it before

Anyone have any ideas why This stopped working in last few days?

There are two options imho. The first obvious one is an error in your javascript, but I assume that you already have used F12 to view that. A second option is an error in your php, causing execution to die without notice. Those issues are hard to find, but writing records to the logfile should reveil the location where it goes wrong. Looking at your code, I think you have issues in hte line that has the content. Those quotes don’t look good to me? I think that you should set the () between single quotes.

Thanks for your input.

I changed the quotes to single, but that didn’t work.
The strange thing is that my code worked for months so something else has changed.

Is this the log file you are talking about?

I have simplified the code to this, and still no luck

	   	 color: red;
		 font-style: italic;


Solved. I removed the “a” at the start of the { bracket and it worked