Latest SC update issues

Hello all,
I have noticed some issues when deploying applications after the latest SC update last week. I created the backup before updating, but how do you restore that backup? Is it safe? Does not change any project?

Thank you for your help.

Depends on what kind of backup you have. I make full binary backup that can be restored by copying it back. Did not need to do that often, but the times I needed it it worked fine. If you have your applications already changed in a higher release, and use export to import it in the older version, then SC can complain that the project is incompatible. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Thank you very much. Well, yes, I do have the daily HD cloud backup and also did the backup to tempbkp before applying the latest update 9.6.014. I was already in version 9.6… it is just this last update from last week, the latest patch released, that is the one that I think messed up some controls. So I wanted to just go back to the state before applying that patch. Nothing wrong with the projects source code but I guess after the patch the deployment has some bugs (for example, on a Search, the calendar control does not display). I was wondering if just restoring tempbkp bakup would remove the patch that applied version 9.6.014 and take me back to 9.6.012 or 9.6.011.

I tried restoring the tempbkp backup created prior updating to 9.6.014 to see if it took me back to 9.6.012 but no, it seems like it only restore project information but the SC files and version remain the same, to the latest one one applies, in my case did not change the 9.6.014… I was hoping restoring the tempbkp took me back to version 9.6.012.