license connection exceeded

After restarting the browser (firefox) I get the message: You have reached your license connection limit, please choose which session you want to disconnect to long in. However I jujst see one session and I find no way to login.
I am stuck and very glad for help!

Have you selected that connection and select disconnect? That should be it actually.

Thank you Albert. No I have not. But for some unknown reasons after a night without computer the problem has miraculously disappeared. This seems to be one of the those pesky problems, scriptcase has promised to solve tem all!. Lets be optimistic. I will try to report the bug. Thank you for your help

This is not a bug. You have logged on to scriptcase and then did not logoff. Therefore SC ‘thinks’ that you are logged on. Since you have a one-user licence you need to select the user to logoff. So just select the link en click disconnect. Then you get the logon screen to logon. This issue will automatically disappear after a while not doing anything as your session will be considered out-of-date.

I have the same issue. (SC9) I’ve clicked on “Disconnect this user”, Not working at all.
I’ve testing with 3 different browsers with the same result.
I’m desperated. Somebody can help me?

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You need a quick fix. Download sqlite manager plugin for firefox. Then search for the sqlite database in scriptcase that contains your apps and users. It will not be too difficult to fix it there once you see it. (To be on the safe site:… backup first!)

I am having the same issue reported above. It is not funny and it is an extremely frustrating experience with version 9.5. It is a bug and should not be taken lighly.

I have a one user license and i can longer access scriptcase for anything just because I am held hostage that I have exceeded my maximum user license. I have disconnected the current user using the link displayed several times without success. I have left my system for over 24 hours hoping the session will expeire without success.

I have been using scritcase for development for the last 4 years. This same error when it occurs with previous versions is cleared immediately i click on the link for disconnecting current user.

But i just upgraded to the current version 9.5 about 48 hours ago, and this error started without any solution in site. My clients’ projects are currently at risk and scriptcase need to know they are doing a lot of damage by making new versions very unstable and unpredictable.

I have always restrained to move on to any new version now matter how well advertised. I have waited several months before upgrading and now i experience so much problem again. now holding my clients to ransom. I feel so bad and highly dissapointed.