Links in Search application type

I create a simple Search application type and create a capture link for field employeeid ( I’am using the samples 2.0 database, orders table), but when I ran the application, the form doesn’t show the Search icon at the right of the employeeid editbox to let me choose one from a employees grid window; Is this a known bug?, i have tried a lot but can’t get it to work :frowning:

Thx in Adv.

Investigating a little more, it looks like a bug, there is no problem in a form application, but when creating a capture link of type integer in a search application, the capture icon is not shown at the right of the integer editbox at runtime.

I know this is crazy old, but I’m having the same thing in SC9.xx My capture field returning text is fine. Capture field returning integer does not function at all.