list links betwen apps

hello everybody

I’ve got a problem with the project diagram which show nothing (js bug)

Is anybody would have a solution to list all the relations betwen the different applications.

​I’ve got a large project with many users groups and I’have to precisely manage the right access for each users. (one user can be in differents groups)
I imagined a specific program to deploy the group access authorization to a mother application and all her daughters apps.
I made a sp?cific table where I put all the relations (mother app/ daughter app)
the only way I found is to do an app rename action in order to identifiate the mother app. And this, for all the apps. but it’s take too much time and there are many error risks.
I’d like also to be able to synchronize this relations list automaticaly
It could be a great tool :wink:

thanks to every one for your help