Load iframe on start grid form

This is my start page (name grid_Details_PDF)


When I click on one of the links I add the frame on the right side displaying a pdf, this is linked to a black application called PDF_viewer.


What I need is to load the grid_Details_PDF page passing it a parameter and it loads me with everything and the frame on the right side in automatic.
What can I use to make that?

I ever found the similar situation, in my case is dashboard application. I use filter and when the filter is changed so the chart will be automatically change the display according to the selection of the filter.
I suggest to use dashboard application. In your grid apps, you could add javascript to do the reload of the iframe.

Thanks for response, do you have one example how I can reload the iframe with javascript?

The result is lke this,

In the dashboard application, I use Search application at the top, and I put 2 charts under the search application.
To communicate to chart application, I use $_GET.

In the SQL of the chart I use global variable, such as select … from table1 where column1 = [filter1] and in Event onApplicationInit of the chart I check the value of $_GET.
if (isset($_GET[‘lokasi’])) {
[filter1] = $_GET[‘lokasi’];
} else {
[filter1] = ‘ALL REGIONAL’;

The key point is in the search application. I add PHP method, named reloadDashboard
echo “<HTML>

Then I call reloadDashboard() in onValidate Event.
That’s all.

To know the id of the iframe, you should use inspect element of the browser

Hope this helps…

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