Locked out after upgrading to ver. 9.6.009!

I was prompted to update from version 9.6.008 to 9.6.009.
After the update I was prompted to restart scriptcase. The moment I clicked ok it directed me to the following page.

Checking my serials on scriptcase site I get this displayed:

Anyone familiar with such errors and could help please?

The fastest way is to contact SC through their chat channel.

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Tried that and all possible ways I can think of. Reset cache, restart browser, change browser, request and activate new license.

The advice from scriptcase was to wait a bit. It has been 3-4 hours.

Mmm. Not the answer you would like to hear from SC. Are you sure there is no VPN, firewall or anti-virus involved? Otherwise I don’t see much other options.

Remote connection without firewalls to a linux. It was working quiet perfectly before the update. The first image might be deceiving because I just posted the part it is claiming the license is invalid. That error comes up under scriptcase menu/toobar right after I log in.

The error I get when I access serial tab of my scriptcase account is what makes me think it might be from scriptcase site side.

That’s bad. One thing you might try, but before you do, make a full binary backup so you can restore to original.

Locate the sqlite database that is holding your projects and save.
Reinstall Scriptcase and register (might work now)
Restore the sqlite database.

It’s a desperate attempt if SC is not able to help you.

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I think that I might be doing this. But since I’ve just purchased scriptcase a couple of days ago, talk about bad luck, I might just uninstall/install anew.

Where is the sqlite db located in the root directory?
How to perform a binary backup?

Well, if you haven’t done any projects yet, I wouldn’t bother about the sqlite database. A full binary back is in fact an xcopy of the full scriptcase root. But in this case, if you haven’t build anything yet, then you can simply purge all and do a full re-install.

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