Locked out of SC - ADO New Connection

This has happened three times. Is anyone else having the same or similar issue…
SC installed on linux/debian 10 VPS. (cannot get to ver no. cannot login to sc main dashboard).
While using the export (or project backup) option, SC will export the first project ok…
Select the next project to export, the export finishes in about 2 sec and creates a 0kb zip file.
NO ERROR MESSAGE related to err/fault export problem.
LOG OUT of SC and attempt to log back in and cannot However, the error message states something like ADONewConnection unable to load db driver.
I found an old post that addressed similar issue over the past 6 or 8 years…

So I followed the instructions from RR1 Moderator to run the config.php… That worked! or so I thought.
This is now the error message… an error occurred while accessing the database. no such table: sc_tbapl | Script: /var/www/html/myscg.us/scriptcase/devel/class/interface/nmTrashClean.class.php linha: 735

Today will be the fourth “NEW” fresh install due to this error associated with 'Export’ing multiple project.

Also, with this most recent SC update the export file size has more than doubled in size??? Why??

Thanks to anyone who can help with this issue.

I havent been on the forum for a while…
These kinds of error often occur due to read/write rights settings from the user that runs the program.
This was a windows issue. But it should be similar in the solution. You can always give full rights to the needed rights and then test with all rights free (on the dirs). And then step by step close if more down again.
I dont use linux with scriptcase but the solution for linux should be similar.