Log module doesn't record delete from form

SC7.1 on CentOS 6.6.

All of my forms are set to log access, insert, update, and delete events.

There appear to be two places to set this: in the form or from Modules->Log->Applications.

I have confirmed that all 4 events are selected in both places on all of my form apps.

However, when the Delete button of these forms is clicked, and confirmed, the log only records the access events. I only seem to see access and insert events.

I tried adding an sc_log_add() to an onAfterDelete event as a test, then I read that it only works in the onValidate event’s scope, so I’m stuck with a huge problem.

I haven’t tried it in SC8 because SC8 is too buggy to roll out to customers, so there’s no point in testing it there, other than curiosity.