Looking for a ScriptCase Developer to assist with an existing tracking application

We’ve created a database application for a client. It is a working application which stores vehicle tracking information from a mine site. This information is intended to analyse some aspects of the vehicle operation at the mine. The database currently contains live vehicle data obtained over the last year.

We’ve only been using Scriptcase for about 7 months and we are still on a fairly steep learning curve. It would benefit us greatly to have someone available with more substantial Scriptcase knowledge.

We could then engage them to produce some Scriptcase reporting functions. There may also be a small amount of JavaScript coding if that is that is within your capabilities.

The application was produced using ScriptCase 9.7. There could be further work of this nature in the near future if things go well. It is hoped to extend the system to other mine sites in the near future.

If interested please contact,

John McIver


Hello @JohnMcIver

What kind of help are you looking for? I'm been developing with ScriptCase last two years. I'm not an expert but I think I can help you.

Hi Juan
I’m an Engineer with technical programming skills but have done little work with databases. I’m on a steep learning curve with Scriptcase but have successfully developed the database application. It has become obvious to me a person with more knowledge of Scriptcase could produce results much faster than I can at the moment. The database and most background technical aspects (Google Maps) are complete. Some display functions using the standard Scriptcase applications are still needed. This would primarily be producing reports showing summary information from the database data and displaying charts of the same data. This may be as a PDF file or on-screen display. I’m not sure if this offers any further insight into the requirements. Thanks for the interest.

Hi @JohnMcIver
Sorry but my skills in Scriptcase display functionality are not as good as it seems you need.

Hi Juan

Thanks for showing an interest. How are your JavaScript skills? While I can generally write code in this it’s not a language I use often, so having someone available for the tricky bits would be beneficial. If this might be of interest could you indicate an hourly rate for your time? It’s probably best to use the e-mail account (john@temporal.com.au) to pass on that information.