Looking for SC developer to assist with a project


I’m looking for someone to provide some development work on a project that I’ve already got to late beta stage.

This has been developed with MySQL / SC and is a staff scheduling / employment platform.

It is currently running successfully, but I’m aware I need resources to address issues such as:

  • google map integration
  • geolocation
  • timesheets and payment calculations
  • integration with Mandrill
  • google calendar integration
  • improved security
  • interface polishing

and a whole host of things I’m struggling to find time to address.

I need someone fluent in English and with a solid working knowledge of SC and these sorts of issues. This would be on a consultancy/self - employed basis.

A good knowledge of how to set up SC to work remotely across a joint, live project would also be handy because you’ll be working from home (unless you like in Sussex UK!)

Please get in touch: neil@dutydoctor.co.uk or reply to this post.